About Me

Welcome to my blog! On these pages, I muse about affordable housing and city planning while also practicing a little French along the way. I work professionally as an affordable housing developer in the Washington, DC area. I hope that this blog can be a small voice in the conversation about how to make housing cheaper and more accessible for everyone.

More broadly, I love cities, and I hope to use these pages to describe the favorite parts of urban living. I am a staunch advocate for reforming American land use towards dense, urban infill development and investing in public transportation that will allow for sustainable growth of urban areas. You can find some of my writing and advocacy work at Greater Greater Washington.

I also have a Master’s of City Planning from UC Berkeley, and this blog showcases some of my projects from my time in California. While there, I interned at the San Francisco Planning Department, where I created an online application to visualize and summarize the city’s development pipeline. Aside from California, I lived for a brief stint in Chicago and grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee. You can find a list of my school projects here and my latest résumé here.

Finally, as an aspiring francophone, I use this blog to practice writing in French, so please indulge me and share this with a French-speaking friend (merci beaucoup !).