Q3-2016 SF Development Data Is Out

A little late on this, but the SF Planning Department released the latest release of its Development Pipeline series sometime over the winter holidays.

I have created a nice map of the residential developments from this data here. When filtering the data, the “All Proposed” data will show the Q3-2016 data. In sum, this is the latest snapshot of development activity happening in the city.

In addition to including all proposed developments, users can filter the data by 7 categories based on the latest status of the project: Under construction, building permit issued, building permit reinstated, building permit approved, building permit filed, planning department application filed, and planning department application filed. In general, the development process proceeds as follows: Planning department approval –> building permit approval –> Construction.

The current snapshot represents roughly what we have seen in the past: a relatively high amount of development in the eastern half of the city, especially around the Market Street corridor. By contrast, the western half of the city has little to no consequential development, aside from the Parkmerced megaproject.

Some logistical notes:

Also included in the map are developments from previous releases that have been completed. Developments leave the pipeline when they are granted a final “certificate of completion” from the Department of Building Inspection. While, in most cases this pinpoints the quarter of completion, it is not a perfect method.

Happy browsing!