SF 2015 Residential Development

Following up on my post a few weeks ago about the state of current residential development in SF, I decided to focus more narrowly here. In particular, above I have mapped the residential developments that were completed in 2015, broken down by whether a development has affordable units or not. In technical terms, affordable units are defined as those for which rent equals 30% of income of a household with an income at or below 80% of San Francisco’s “fair market rent” (defined by HUD). In other words, they have some sort of rent ceiling. While I do not distinguish by number of units on the map, this information is available for each development by clicking on it.

Surprisingly, there are not many clear spatial patterns here. Development—both market rate and those with affordable units—appear to be fairly uniformly distributed throughout the city. In future posts, I hope to map this development for multiple years to explore the broader context of development.

Data comes from the 2015 Housing Inventory Report by the SF Planning Department.

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