Quarter 1 2017 Development Pipeline Release

Time for another update to the San Francisco development pipeline database! After the release of the quarter 1 2017 data earlier this year, we can now visualize the projects completed in the last quarter of 2016. I have linked to the map below and here is a link to the full map on its own. The map allows users to filter to see projects completed in the latest quarter (Q4 2016).

As I have described in earlier posts, this is not a perfect exercise. This data is not really meant to be longitudinal, but I have stitched together multiple cross-sectional releases anyway. I make the assumption that a project is completed the quarter before it stops appearing in the pipeline reports. According to the reports here, this means that the project received its Certificate of Final Completion from the Department of Building Inspection. Most of the time, this seems like an accurate assumption.

Highlights of this release include:


All this adds up to nearly a thousand units added in the eastern half of the city in the final quarter of last year. Happy browsing!

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